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Best-known test-tube infant institution

  Gao Ying was founded in July 2005 and is a formal, professional, honest and legally registered surrogate information intermediary service company. Gao Ying has a scientific management and organizational structure; more perfect operation and service processes, and open and fair fee standards, as well as strict, careful, sincere and high-quality work style of all employees.

  Over the past twelve years, Gao Ying's assistant pregnancy has relied on the support of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Wuhan and other tertiary public hospitals, as well as the close collaboration of dozens of chief physicians, professors and doctors at home and abroad, which has made a strong guarantee for the success rate of demand-side surrogacy. Now Gao Ying has delivered healthy, lively and lovely children to more than 5000 infertile families, bringing happiness and joy to these infertile families. Gao Ying has won high praise and trust from all the surrogate needs and volunteers who have cooperated with us.

  Choosing Gao Ying to help pregnant is choosing a dream to send a child, which will be the beginning of your successful embrace!

Gao Ying surrogacy service

Gao Ying is the leading brand of IVF intermediary service in China

Integrity service, rigorous operation and humanized management
"One-to-One" Order Form for Every Needy Child's Family Dream
It is our eternal commitment!

Choosing Gao Ying to help pregnant is choosing a dream to send a child, which will be the beginning of your successful embrace!

An overview of Gao Ying's assisted pregnancies

Information consultation on surrogate Technology

The surrogate pregnancy consultation chooses Gao Ying to assist in pregnancy, and gathers senior reproductive experts to sit in for one-to-one communication.

Introduce surrogate mother

Healthy, under 35 years old, height 157CM, no hereditary diseases, no family history of mental illness, no infectious diseases

Providing information on sperm and eggs donation

Self-help sperm donation, artificial surrogacy, free sperm donors, free egg donors.

Connecting artificial insemination with in vitro fertilization

The third generation IVF technology is intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI).

Delegated management of surrogacy

Entrusted to manage the life of surrogate mothers during pregnancy, arrange the delivery of surrogate mothers in hospitals, contact paternity testing

One-stop humanized surrogate service

Handle birth certificates, recommend surrogate mothers and other one-stop humanized services.

For IVF babies Gao Ying is chosen to assist in pregnancy.

  • 12 years of practical experience in surrogate pregnancy intermediary services
  • Established stable and reliable recruitment channels for surrogate pregnancy volunteers and egg donors
  • Successful provision of related services to more than 5000 surrogacy demanders
  • Being a leader in the industry and having a good reputation
  • Tailor-made surrogate pregnancy program
  • According to the operation mode of modern enterprise system, scientific and standardized management, wholeheartedly provide customers with five-star thoughtful service.

Environment of Gaoying Pregnancy Aid Hospital

Gao Ying has sophisticated technical equipment and excellent medical security for assisting pregnancy.

Advanced technology and equipment, excellent medical security

Gao Ying has special medical technology for assisting pregnancy.

Characteristic medical technology

Gao Ying pursues customer first and excellence at the same time.

Customer First, Pursuing Excellence

Gao Ying's famous assistant pregnant doctors gather together to gather strong medical strength.

Famous doctors gather together to gather strong medical strength

Gao Ying upholds the concept of humanistic medical treatment, and the interests of customers always come first.

Humanistic Medical Concept, Focusing on Customer Interests

Gao Ying has a modern surrogate Medical Center

Modern Medical Center

Gao Ying's assisted pregnancy service has exceeded that so far. More than 5000 infertile couples In the hearts of every surrogate customer has left a very good reputation!

A letter from Gao Ying to clients

Needs for surrogacy, surrogacy volunteers, egg donors and sperm donors:
  How do you do!
  The rapid increase in the number of infertility in the mainland has accelerated the development of the Internet surrogate industry. When you choose to take the road of surrogacy, your heart may be full of worries or speculations, and you may even be ready to face the worst. So how can we minimize the risks we may encounter? Gaoying assistant pregnancy company summarizes 12 years of work experience, from the following aspects to analyze whether the surrogate pregnancy company you choose is a regular company, the choice of surrogate volunteers is really helping you! ...